Cheri Ward

Biology/Inquiry Science/Chemistry I




Meet Cheri


B.S. Ed Biology, B.S. Ed Science Education, M.Ed Science Education- University of Georgia

Personal Background

I am from Buford, Georgia and moved to Decatur, Illinois after getting married to my husband in June 2019. So yes, I'm a southern girl who loves to drink sweet tea and I still call a group of people y'all.

We have two dogs, Max and Bella, and recently had our daughter, Emerie, in October 2022. I love being outside, whether it’s to take Emerie or the dogs for a walk or playing golf with my husband. I also love singing. My husband plays guitar, so I always enjoy the times we play and sing together. My free-time is usually spent entertaining Emerie or binge watching a new tv show. However, I do like to make time for painting or crafting. My favorite is watercolor painting, markers, sewing, and embroidery, although I love trying any kind of art.

I also have a love for traveling and capturing my trips through photography. I'm fairly well traveled in the U.S. and even the Caribbean, although, my favorite experiences have been my touring of various countries in Europe. I've cruised both the Mediterranean and the Baltic seas, which I highly recommend, by the way! My favorites so far have been France, Switzerland, and London. Italy and Greece are beautiful too, although, very hot in the summer! Right now my bucket list destinations are Alaska and a British Isles cruise. Not sure if the later will ever happen, but a girl can dream!

I taught high school Chemistry for eight years when living in Georgia. After moving to Decatur, I taught Algebra 1 part-time at Richland Community College, and for the past three years I have taught Science here at Maroa Forsyth High School. I am definitely looking forward to this year! Go Trojans!

Keep the faith. The most amazing things in life tend to happen right at the moment you’re about to give up hope.