Our Supporters

A huge thank you to those businesses and individuals who have stepped up to support our organization again!

If you are interested in supporting our organization focused on premier leadership, personal growth, and career development or to have an officer or officer team visit your business, please contact us via email arrange a time and date.


The Illinois Foundation FFA could not function without monetary support from community businesses. Because of the generosity of this area, our chapter was able to raise $2,308.26. Additionally, we know that the funds collected will assist the entire FFA organization by funding the state FFA officers. Thank you to all of the contributors to the Maroa-Forsyth FFA 2017-2018 Foundation Collection.

  • Bunselmeyer Farms
  • Marsha Fleming
  • Maroa Ag

In Kind Donations and Support

This is a list of our community members who annually give our members the opportunities and materials to make their service learning projects, supervised agricultural experiences, and fundraising events success. We thank all of them for the time, financial support, and materials it takes to keep this chapter operational and success on so many different levels. We appreciate everything they have graciously given.

  • Tina Leach, High School Secretary
  • Brice Stewart, Principal - Administration
  • Our Teachers at MFHS who work with our students
  • Mr. Kahler, Superintendent
  • Mrs. Stelzriede, Grade School Secretary – Coordinator for Ag Day
  • Mrs. Crowe, Grade School Secretary and our sub secretary at the HS!
  • Beth Ruwe, Chaperone/Driver to CDE’s, interview prep, and speech reader
  • Jennifer Williams, National Convention Chaperone, CDE judge
  • Christopher (CJ) Pritchett, Dow Agro – Farm Progress Show Site host, Tour Sponsor
  • Amy Allen, John Deere Booth Coordinator
  • Justin Dikeman, Pioneer Booth Coordinator
  • Mindy Beeler, Nelsons Catering
  • Aimee Poskin, Farm Credit Farm Progress Show Soils Contest Host
  • Kenny Roelofsen, Abilene Machinery Company
  • Heather Lyon, Section Proficiency Judge
  • Mark Bunslemeyer, District Proficiency Judge
  • Jeremy Crouch, Section Proficiency Judge
  • Corbin Kupferschmid, District Proficiency Judge
  • Chad Ruwe, State Proficiency Judge
  • Dana Shull, Topflight Porkchop Sale Sponsor
  • Chelsea White, Topflight Porkchop Sale Sponsor, Proficiency Judge, American Degree Interview
  • Ryan Aupperle, American Degree Prep, Job Interview Prep
  • Samantha Rusk, Macon Co Extension Office
  • Brad Wilkey, Officer Selection Committee
  • Martin Farms, Livestock Equipment for Ag Day
  • Ruot Contractors, Porkchop Sale Supporter
  • Corey Zelhart, American Degree Interviews, Proficiency Prep
  • Lane Fredrickson, Section Proficiency Judge
  • Topflight Grain, Pork Chop Sale & General Supporter
  • Mr. Weisenborn, Teacher, Musical Director
  • AHW Equipment, Equipment for Ag Day
  • Karen Fredrickson, Chaperone, General Supporter, Fundraiser Sponsor
  • Dana Dale, Driver/Alumni Parent supporter
  • Jody Luttrell, Transportation Director
  • Brittany Stoutenborough, Interview Judge
  • Jim & Tyler Stoutenborough, Annual General Supporter
  • Cole Fredrickson, Interview Judge
  • TaylorMade Genetics, Animals for Ag Day
  • Stephanie Kupferschmid, In-kind Donations/Corporate Supporter
  • Dale & Dyann Aupperle, Annual Supporter, Officer Selection Committee
  • Shelley Finfrock, Officer Selection Committee
  • Jennifer Fink, Farm Bureau – Ag in the Classroom
  • Tim Stock, Macon Co. Farm Bureau
  • Karen & Lane, Fredrickson Scholarship Sponsor
  • Donnie Chapman, IGA Coordinator
  • Zelhart Family General Supporter, Scholarship Sponsor
  • Farm Credit, Mahomet Farm Safety Kickoff Sponsor