Post Holiday Learning Plans

December 15, 2020

Dear Maroa-Forsyth School District Families,

Last evening the Maroa-Forsyth School Board voted unanimously to accept a recommendation from the administration that the entire school district move to a Remote for ALL Learning plan from January 4 – January 22, 2021. Our In-Person option will resume at the start of 2nd semester, Monday, January 25th. Please note that Monday, January 4th is a Teacher's Institute Day and Monday, January 18th is the ML King holiday so no Remote Learning will take place on those days.

We acknowledge and recognize the sacrifices you have had to make this year on many levels and this is yet another one. A sustainable long term In-Person Learning plan is our highest priority and we feel this decision will address that goal. What follows are the main reasons for going ALL Remote for a 3-week period in January:

  • Since Thanksgiving break, we have seen an increase with students choosing Remote and we anticipate this trend continuing after winter break. Combined with the number of students forced into Remote due to quarantine, the large number of Remote Learners is adversely affecting the quality of teaching and learning in all three schools. Going to one learning mode will allow teachers to provide a higher quality of instruction for all students given the high numbers of Remote Learners at this time.
  • We have experienced a higher than normal count of students not meeting learning expectations 1st semester. We must find creative ways to support these students so they pass their classes by January 22nd, the end of the 1st semester. Our schools will be open during the 3-week period we will be in Remote for ALL. Staff will still report to work and teach remotely from their classrooms. This gives the district a huge opportunity to bring individual students and/or small groups of students into our buildings to give them the In-Person support they need to be successful.
  • A higher percentage of parents have opted for the In-Person option 2nd semester than the beginning of the year. The administration and staff will need to basically redesign 2nd semester and make adjustments to master schedules, individual schedules, cleaning schedules, lunch arrangements, and transportation routes. The Remote for ALL 3-week period will give the district the time it needs to set up 2nd semester for even more success than the 1st semester. The 2nd semester will continue the 4 day a week In-Person option with the 2:00 dismissal and Wednesdays Remote for ALL. Again, 2nd semester begins on Monday, January 25 and that will be the first day we resume the In-Person option in January.

More detailed information will be coming to you in the days and weeks to come from each building. We continue to be appreciative for everyone's understanding, patience, flexibility, and compassion during this most unusual school year. We hope you stay safe and healthy while enjoying the upcoming holiday season!

Take good care,



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