Maroa-Forsyth Softball Sectional

May 25, 2022

May 24th & 28th

On behalf of Maroa-Forsyth High School, I would like to welcome the participating schools and fans to 2022 IHSA Softball Sectional. Maroa-Forsyth High School is very excited to have the opportunity to host this event and we are looking forward to working with each school, their coaching staff, and their fans. We will do our best to accommodate your team and see that your experience at our facility is a positive one. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the tournament please contact me or refer to the IHSA Terms and Conditions Manual. Thank you and good luck.

Maroa-Forsyth Contact Information

A.D. - Phil Applebee

  • School: 217-794-3463 ext. 1105
  • Cell: 217-519-3089

Head Coach - Jon Kidd

  • School: 217-794-5115 ext. 2439
  • Cell: 217-413-2024

Principal - Brice Stewart

  • School: 217-794-3463 ext. 1103
  • Cell: 217-972-5444


  • Gates will open 60 minutes before the first contest - 3:30PM and 10:00AM
  • Individual School Season Passes will NOT be honored
  • There is NO reserved seating

Pass List

  • Please fax or e-mail the IHSA pass list to me by noon on Tuesday, May 24th 217-794-5459
  • PDF File (

Team Roster

  • Please fax or e-mail a team roster by noon on Tuesday, May 24th. Only team members listed on the Varsity Roster will be admitted free. JV or Freshmen team members must pay the admission fee.

Warm Ups

  • Warm-up periods as per IHSA rules
  • Each team will have 10 minutes of warm up time. See below for order.
  • Batting cages are available at the park - teams will alternate use.


  • IHSA provided Wilson 9011 WTA9011BSST (PolyCore) balls will be used.

Athletic Trainer

  • Matt Munjoy, MHA ATC from ORSCI (or another trainer) will be available before, during, and after the games.

Home Team Determination/Dugout Assignment

  • Home team will be determined by a coin flip. The clip will be called by the bottom team of the IHSA bracket. Coaches will meet with tournament manager once both teams are at the park. (Tolono Unity - Game #1 and Bloomington Central Catholic in Game #2 in semifinals and Winner of Game 2 in sectional championship)
  • Each school will be assigned a dugout by the host school.
IHSA Game 1 - Tuesday, May 24th - 4:30PM
  • Maroa-Forsyth - 3rd Base Dugout
  • Tolono Unity - 1st Base Dugout

IHSA Game 2 - Monday, May 23rd - 6:30PM

  • Winner of SJO Regional - 3rd Base Dugout
  • Bloomington Central Catholic - 1st Base Dugout

IHSA Game 4 - Saturday, May 27th - 11:00AM

  • Winner Game 1 - 3rd Base Dugout
  • Winner Game 2 - 1st Base Dugout

Inclement Weather

  • In the case of inclement weather, the IHSA procedures will be followed. Please see below.
  • Postponement of Games
    • If a game in any tournament must be postponed because of rain or wet grounds, or if a game is called by the umpires because of rain, darkness or other reasons that are in accordance with the National Federation of Softball Rules, it is ruled a "suspended game and shall be continued from the point of suspension at a later time" unless provisions of Rule 4-2-3 have been met making it a regulation game. Any game that is not an official game will be considered a suspended game.
  • Bad Weather Guidelines for Sectional Play
    • Games shall be played in bracket order.
    • Double-headers may be played if both coaches agree
    • It is recommended that no game start or continuation of a suspended game begin later than 10:00PM
    • The local manager shall keep the IHSA informed.
    • In the event that the Sectional Game(s) cannot be completed then the highest seeded team remaining shall advance to the Super-Sectional.


  • A concession stand will be available and is located near the leftfield fence of the baseball field. Restrooms are also located in this building.


  • Team buses should drop the student athletes off at the location by the field. Buses should then park in the village garage lot located just South of the baseball field, or in the larger lot by the tennis courts/batting cages. Parking is limited and buses will not be allowed to stay in the fan lot. A map of the facility is located at the end of the document illustrating where to park.


  • Arrangements to broadcast games must be coordinated with the tournament host prior to the contest. Space in the press box will be provided for press that notifies the host prior. In all other cases, every attempt will be made to accommodate but no guarantees will be made.


  • Rules adopted by the IHSA will be followed. Please see the IHSA Softball Manual for a complete listing.
  • Artificial Noisemakers: All artificial noise making devices shall be excluded from the field.
  • Signs and Banners: the display of signs, banners, placards or similar items at IHSA state series events is permitted, provided they:
    • Are in good taste and reflect good sportsmanship in their message and use
    • Reflect identification and encouragement to participants and their school/community
    • Are not displayed on the field of play in a manner which interferes with play
    • Do not obstruct the view of participants or spectators
    • Are not safety hazards.

Lost or Stolen Property

  • Participating schools are urged to make every effort to care for their own property. MFHS or the Village of Forsyth will NOT be responsible for any lost or stolen property.

Damage to Property and Equipment

  • If players or representatives of any school entered in the regional contest are found guilty of carelessly or maliciously breaking, damaging, or destroying property or equipment belonging to the host school, that school shall be responsible for costs incurred in repairing or replacing damaged property or equipment.


  • The Sectional Plaque will be awarded to the winning team immediately following the conclusion of the championship game.


  • Maroa-Forsyth High School and Forsyth Park are non-smoking facilities, and it is against the law in the state of Illinois to smoke on public school property.


  • Officials are assigned by the IHSA.

Official Scorer

  • The host school will designate the official scorer.

Maroa-Forsyth Sectional Schedule

Tuesday, May 24th
Game 1 at 4:30PM: Maroa-Forsyth vs. Tolono Unity
Game 2 at 6:30PM: Bloomington Central Catholic vs. Winner SJO Regional

Saturday, May 28th
Game 3 at 11:00AM: Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2

Gameday Itinerary

* Announcements will be made for a 2 minute warning before infield warm up, begin warm up, 2 minutes left in warm up. All times approximate.

Tuesday, My 24th
Game 1 at 4:30PM: Maroa-Forsyth vs. Tolono Unity

  • Tolono Unity - Warm up 4:00-4:10
  • Maroa-Forsyth - Warm up 4:10-4:20
  • Lineup Exchanges - 4:20-4:25
  • Introductions - 4:25-4:28
  • National Anthem - 4:28-4:30
  • Teams Take Field - 4:30

15 minutes between game to prep field. Second game will begin at 6:30 unless inclement weather is in area.

Game 2: Bloomington Central Catholic vs. Winner SJO Regional

  • Bloomington Central Catholic - Warm up 10 minutes
  • Winner of SJO Regional - Warm up 10 minutes
  • Lineup Exchange - conclusion of warmups
  • Introductions - Conclusion of warm ups (visitors first)
  • Teams Take Field

Saturday, May 28th
Game 3 at 11:00AM: Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2

  • Winner Game 1 - Warm up 10:30-10:40
  • Winner Game 2 - Warm up 10:40-10:50
  • Lineup Exchange - 10:50-10:55
  • Introductions of both teams - 10:55-10:58
  • National Anthem - 10:58-11:00
  • First Pitch - 11:00

Baseball/Softball Field Directions/Map

Baseball/Softball Field Directions/Map


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