Locker Clean Out

April 29, 2020

May 4th and 5th

Students need to clean out lockers along with turning in all books and school materials on May 4th and 5th. A detailed schedule with days and times for each student has been sent by email to both students and parents. No one else is allowed to enter with students. The schedule was put together to help follow social distancing guidelines. We understand that some students may have issues with the time slot they have been assigned, if you need to adjust your time, please email With that being said, please do your best to follow the schedule that has been set. The schedule was built with the following considerations in mind:

  • Allows for 6 feet between lockers when students enter
  • A small number of students will be in the building at one time
  • Room is provided for social distancing when turning in materials
  • Small windows of time are provided for students to be in the building.

When students come to the school, they need to make sure to follow all social distancing guidelines that have been put in place by the State of Illinois. Lockers have been packed up and all materials are in front of their lockers. Locker rooms lockers have also been packed up for the students. Students should drop off their materials, provide information needed by the school, pick up their belongings, and exit the building. Students should not gather in the parking lot before or after they enter the building.

When the students are at school we need to gather some information and materials.

1. All textbooks, classroom novels, and library books

2. All classroom items such as calculators

3. Athletic Uniforms (Please put into plastic bags with name written on the outside)

4. Confirm attendance at graduation on July 31st. (Seniors Only)

Refunds for Senior students, including Senior Trip and lunch money, will be available for students to pick up. Anyone who has not picked up their graduation materials can do so at this time.


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