FFA Contests

These contests are designed to stimulate thinking and are great applicators to the real world, but overall they are fun and allow students to represent the talent of the Maroa-Forsyth FFA chapter.

Members are encouraged to participate in at least one of these contests throughout the year. More information about each contest is available in the Ag room. If interested, sign up when sign-ups are available/posted. Thank you for your participation!

Vet Med

Vet Med is a competition that requires students to memorize animal breeds, veterinary equipment, and parasites; answer real life mathematical and factual questions; and participate in a series of veterinary simulated practicals.

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Soils judging requires members to observe soil profile and test pits with mathematics and calculating involved.

Ag Sales

Ag Sales tests students ability to persuade, sell, and markets a product. Communications a must!

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Dairy Foods

Dairy Foods is a contest that requires members to distinguish cheese types, the difference between real and artificial dairy products, simulated milk issues; identify issues with a milker head unit; and take a test that involves dairy related questions.

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Food Science

Food Science is a contest that requires students to distinguish between safety and sanitation issues, compose a formal response to a complaint letter in the food industry, participate in a team activity, and distinguish foods based on smell, sigh and taste.

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Parlimentary Procedure

The operation and presentation of an Official Business meeting


Quizbowl is scholastic bowl related and requires members to memorize FFA history.

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Creed speaking requires members to memorize and cite the creed in front of a group of judges.

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Job Interview

Simulates real life job interviews

SAE Recordbooks

SAE Recordbooks are a Supervised Agricultural Experience. An SAE consists of planned, practical activities conducted outside of class time in which students develop and apply agricultural knowledge and skills under the supervision of the teacher or other adult. Students are to choose an area under which they will document their SAE activities throughout the course of the year.

Grain Fair

Primary focus on fall related foods and displays


Identification of weeds and crops and the evaluation of sets of crops as well as insect ID and soils knowledge

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Livestock Judging

Process of evaluation of classes within the Beef, Swine, Sheep, and Goat species.

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